LBD Takes Halloween

The weekend is almost here, and that means it’s almost time for Halloween! While most people have been carefully planning their costumes for weeks now, some even since last year, there are the few of us (I’m guilty too, don’t worry) who possibly have waited until the very last minute. We’ll end up spending all Thursday night searching through every piece of clothing of we own, and frantically pinning ideas to our Pinterest board looking for “the perfect” costume (which we know we won’t have time to put together anyways).

Have no fear… That’s why I’m here!

Here are 7 quick, last minute Halloween costumes that are easy to put together with one simple ingredient: your trusty Little Black Dress!

Just add some items from your closet to your LBD, make a quick trip to the dollar store, and BOOM – you have a Halloween costume!

Shall we begin?

#1 Breakfast at Tiffany’s


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You will need: Your LBD, black pumps (make sure they’re comfortable!), a pearl necklace and matching earrings, a pair of long black gloves, a tiara, a cigarette holder (this might be hard to find last minute, but I’m sure a black pen would suffice) and of course those infamous black sunglasses to complete the ensemble.

#2 Cruella De Vil


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You will need: a LBD, long gloves, white hair spray or baby powder, bright red lipstick, a faux fur coat, and red (or black) heels. If your using the powder, put it on half of your hair, then hairspray away. Tada!

For Fun: Bring your dog along for the fun, or find a neighbor that would so kindly lend you their pup for the night. That is, if they can trust a villain for a night…….

#3 Minnie Mouse


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You will need: Your little black dress, mouse ears (if your a big time Disney fan you probably already own these, but if you can’t get a pair from the Disney Store, you can always add a bow to any mouse ears), red lipstick, red or black heels, and red and white details as you choose. Don’t forget the polka dots!

For Fun: Get your boyfriend to dress as Mickey, or your bestie to dress as Daisy Duck (best friends forever right?)

#4 Vampire


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You will need: Fangs (you can find these at any halloween store close by), dark red lipstick, a black jacket (I say go with the leather) and black heels. Use the badass outfits of more modern day vampires like Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries for inspiration (favorite. show. ever.).

For Fun: Use a cup full of fruit punch as a prop, and add a little red dye to the side of your mouth (anyone thirsty?)

#5 Flapper


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You will need: A little black dress, red lipstick, a whole lotta blush, a long pearl or gold chain necklace, a headband, dark eyeshadow (keep it smokey), black or gold heels (I say gold), and add a clutch or cigarette holder for details!

And if you’re in the mood for some laughs… (aren’t we always?)

#6 Black Mail


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You will need: Your little black dress, black heels, and a large postage stamp (a large photocopied one or even a few real stamps) on your bod!

#7 Salt and Pepper (grab your bf, or a friend for this one!)


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You will need: Your LBD with the letter “P” cut out of white paper or felt.

For Friend: An all white dress with the letter “S” cut out of black paper or felt.

For Fun: Make shaker tops out of aluminum foil or disposable cake pans by poking a few holes in the top! Shake away!

You’ve got 5 days and no excuses now… get your little black dress on and put it to good use!

Stay safe ladies and Happy Halloween!