There She Goes mainly focuses toward women ages 25-35 years old who have a passion for life and aspire to live a luxurious life but with attainable options. Their everyday lives are inspired by fashion and its ever changing industry, have a passion for fun, and always ready to try something new!

Our followers are comfortable when it comes to income, however they like to splurge every once in a while. They may be in a relationship, but nothing serious. Marriage is in the future, but for now they are the girl that just wants to have fun! Most would recognize this group as a southern California girl, for her love of hiking, baking, coffee shops, festivals, lunch dates with friends, and of course the beach.

The theme of this blog is focused on fashion and a girl’s everyday lifestyle, from beauty and style tips, what to wear, newest trends, advice on make up and hair, focus on fashion forward gym attire, what to wear and where to go for the best events and concerts along the coast, and of course DIY projects especially for the holidays. We intend to keep our followers up to date weekly and stand by her side as she experiences life for everything it has to offer. Watch her closely, because there she goes!


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