Back to Basics

Basic pieces are something that all of us have in our closet but I think not all of us fully take advantage of many different ways there are to wear them. Blue jeans, white shirt, black pants, brown riding boots, camel coat, each one of this pieces are present among so many people’s closet because of the versatility and ease to wearing them. Pretty much all basic pieces can work with every other basic staple as well as can be paired but statement pieces and still make the outfit wearable in the streets. Although these items are all in our closet I think often we tend to go to the statement pieces and are a little afraid of wearing something so minimalistic of fear of being called “basic” or “ordinary” but when a great chic look is done well it can make the largest statement.

Try to make a statement this week without wearing your usually statement pieces, search for items with ease and layer them to add depth to your look; it can be really breathtaking. When shopping next look for pieces with interesting shape and texture, go for the classic grey that you KNOW will always be in style instead of the it color now. Give your beautiful face a break from harsh heavy makeup and opt for a natural light look that highlights your best features, adding just a pop of color with your lip balm. Play around with different shades of color, white on white, dark grey with light, knit sweat with leather leggings the combination of ways is there, you just have to look for other ideas to play off of. Here are some of my favorite looks for you to check out.

While search the web lately for inspiration I started to look for ways on how play into staple pieces and let me tell you there are some amazing other blogs out there who dress entirely from basic! Its amazing how chic and simple these women can look while just wearing black, white, grey and camel. Here are some of my favorite bloggers that combine beautiful photograph and classic yet modern twists on basic style that you should definitely check out: &

So many new events and trend happen everyday in the fashion world and I truly believe that when you are getting dressed in the morning you can say much more with a great basic then with any of the newest thing. I hope you enjoy and that you give it a try!

-until next time- M


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