On Point Packing for Trendy Traveling

As Halloween passes, the countdown is on for the approaching holidays. Whether your friends and family live close or far, you are bound to do some sort of traveling as the seasons come nearer. The fine balance between over-packing and under-packing seems to be the great struggle every year, but struggle no more! Here is a packing guide for your traveling style needs

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First things first, if you are planning on taking a plane ride, long car ride, or even a train, comfort is key. Although you want to be comfortable, you also want to be stylish. A pair of skinny jeans, a loose fitting shirt, and booties is a great combination. If you are traveling somewhere cold, this wardrobe pick allows for layering and a chance to bring a coat for the ride. Here is some inspiration for that anticipated plane ride.




Now that you have an idea of what to wear on the plane, the next thing to do is decide on what to pack in the bag. Depending on how long your trip is going to be will define on how much you need. Options area must and having staple items will allow you to pack less, but have a variety of outfit picks to choose from. Since you are already wearing skinny jeans, you only need one more pair to pack in the bag, that way you can alternate between the two during your trip. Wearing booties on the plane also gives you a stylish option, while leaving room in your bag for more clothing.

Here is a general guide of clothing options to add to your packing list:

1 Pair of Casual Shoes


Basic T-Shirts

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Make sure to pack a variety of basic T shirts in your bag. Having an array of shirts allows you to have more options when deciding what to wear.

Flannel Options


Flannels create a fun splash of color in your every day outfit. Wearing them provide warmth and style throughout your trip.

1 Little Black Dress

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Bringing your LBD can offer an option that can be dressed up or dressed down providing more than one look for your trip

1 Skirt & 1 Pair of Tights


Having tights and a skirt allow you to  have an extra option for a casual or dressy look. The skirt can be worn with or without the tights, giving you an extra outfit in your traveling wardrobe.

An Extra Jacket

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Bringing one jacket on the plane and one in your suitcase will help bring variety to your traveling wardrobe

Having basic options available in your suitcase allows for mixing and matching. a Good packing tip is to roll all of your garments, this allows for more room and is an anti-wrinkling trick. Packing less, but also being able to create multiple outfit options is important to remember when packing.

I hope this mini guide helps ease your traveling minds, making this traveling season the best one yet. Have fun and travel safe!


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