Moody Girl

One of the beauties about fashion is that is can directly reflect exactly what you are feeling for the outfit. If you can feeling casual, throw on a great basic top with some jeans and a floppy hat, if its lazy then an oversized cable knit sweater and some super skinny black jeans and if you are catching some adventurous vibes then play around with so great vintage one of a kind accessories. My point is that with every chance you get fashion is how YOU what other to see you and what YOU have to say about it.

Right now I’m all about the sass. Maybe I’ll throw on a little “saucy” lipgloss while in my uniform at work. Maybe I throw on my cat eye sunnies that I picked up for a steal at $25 at TJMaxx last weekend. I may just put on the most epic pair of patterned bell bottoms I own on and dance around by myself on the beach. I absolutely love when I have one specific piece in my outfit that automatically stands out from the rest. Mixing right colors, graphic, geometric shapes can seem bizarre at first but hey, check out some cool inspiration pics and try it for yourself it could be a major fashion major for you.

Anyways, my point you that being moody is an amazing thing when it comes to your personal style and can be used to your advantage when you need a little styling versatility in your wardrobe. So, embrace the crazy mood swings and get creative!


-until next time- M


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